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Lovestruck? Celebrate Love at Mesero this Valentine’s Day!

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One of the best ways to celebrate and express your love this Valentine’s Day is with a special dinner date at Mesero.  If you haven’t already reserved a spot for you and your lovestruck sweets, do so today!

The special holiday of love calls for pulling out all the stops on date night, starting with ordering a pair of top-notch cocktails.  The frozen Berry Street cocktail remains a beloved favorite, made with herradura “el jimador” and house-made blueberry puree liquor.  If you’re looking to turn up the heat, order the La Picosa.  Serrano pepper gives it a kick that not everyone can handle!  You can always opt for the quintessential bottle of wine to complement your Valentine’s Day dinner, as Mesero has a wide range of carefully selected whites and reds to choose from.

One of the things that makes Mesero so special is that its menu speaks to both Mexican spirit and American life, meaning that favorite food staples from both of these rich cultures are represented.  Is your heart split in two ways?  Order a few different dishes to share with your loved one!  Whether it’s tacos, enchiladas, or a burger that your heart is after, you’ll find it at Mesero.

If there ever was an appropriate time to give your sweet tooth what it wants, that time would be on Valentine’s Day.  Choose between (or, order all three) three equally decadent postres options at Mesero – cinco leches, choco flan, and carrot cake – for a sweet way to top off your celebration of love.  With Valentine’s Day now less than a month away, there’s no time to wait even a single day to make a reservation for the big night!

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