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Amorino Now Open

Amorino Gelato is the true essence of Traditional Italian Gelato.  Established in 2002 by childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, Amorino offers authentic gelato produced with quality ingredients, guaranteed without additives, to gourmets from all over the world.

Its innovative signature “flower-shaped” cone, distinctive ingredients, and unwavering attention to details, have already made Amorino a staple in the West of Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, and in the United States, with nearly 200 points of sale in the world. 

The secret of this company’s success is in the quality and detailed research of the ingredients and in its utmost respect for the Italian gelato making tradition and recipes.  Amorino aims to present gelato as a lifestyle that works all year round, therefore, the product offerings are adapted to reflect the seasons. 

Amorino boasts 24 gelato options as well as seasonal flavors.  With its iconic gelato flower, carefully constructed petal by petal in as many flavors as patrons desire, and the use of the highest quality in fresh and natural ingredients, Amorino has become the destination where it’s about taste and the experience.  Amorino will offer a variety of other treats like shakes, Italian cafe pastries, chocolates and gelato-filled macarons, ten flavors of hot chocolate, as well as cappuccinos, espressos, tea, and lattes.

Amorino in the USA 

In 2011, Amorino opened its first store in New York City, and now has 17 stores in the US.  Amorino was brought to DFW by German Rodriguez and Giada Merlin, opening the first store in Fort Worth in 2017 becoming an instant favorite.

“Since I first saw Fehmi Karahan’s plans and philosophy for Legacy West, I knew this would eventually become the perfect match for Amorino.  A beautiful and exclusive open-air development with great shopping and restaurants brings the perfect European environment for Amorino.  I couldn’t wait to see our customers walking around enjoying our gelato,” German Rodriguez said.

Amorino believed in uncompromising quality.  Only the highest quality ingredients make it to their products, where nothing is artificial ever.  The passion for high quality transpires as patrons experience a 60% fruit Strawberry Camarosa sorbet or indulge on the famous Inimitabile: Piedmont Gianduja, made blending cocoa and fine Piedmont trilobata hazelnuts. 

“Nothing in Amorino is less than the relentless pursuit of supreme quality.  Our Pistachio if Bronte from Sicily, a rare quality that is harvested only once every two years,” German Rodriguez shared with excitement.

Amorino is also surprisingly healthy: the careful choice of high-quality organic ingredients delivers intense flavors with only 1/3 of the calories that a traditional ice cream will have.  They also have ample choices for vegan customers (don’t miss the Chocolate sorbet!) and have carefully improved the recipes to offer all flavors in Gluten free options as well. 

It’s really natural seeing how Amorino fans look for their loved store everywhere they go, and they are really excited to make Legacy West their new exclusive home in Plano. 

Amorino Gelato in Legacy West is located at 7700 Windrose Avenue, Suite G157.


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