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The Rebecca Silvestri Green Room at Legacy West

Legacy West, Plano’s hottest mixed-use development, boasts amazing restaurants, luxurious spas and swanky boutiques. It is also home to a podcast recording studio and a green room–the Rebecca Silvestri Green Room.

In honor of Rebecca Silvestri, the English executive editor of Plano Profile, the Rebecca Silvestri Green Room is furnished in the very best British trimmings. A Simplex Kensington tea kettle sits beside a Derby porcelain tray filled with Rebecca’s favorite British “chocolate bars” (Twirl, Bounty and Aero), meanwhile the room is fragranced with Joe Malone’s English Pear and Freesia. The walls are adorned with a photograph of Rebecca printed at Laumont in New York, a framed Heathrow Terminal 1 poster and the words “Rebecca Silvestri Green Room” in the Legacy West font.

Watch Rebecca Silvestri’s surprised as her namesake green room is unveiled.

Rebecca Silvestri is executive editor of Plano Profile magazine. Originally from the United Kingdom, Rebecca moved to Plano from the Dominican Republic with her husband, Philip Silvestri, in June 2015, when the couple purchased Plano Profile.

BY: Plano Profile Staff

Originally published in Plano Profile.

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