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Discover the Digital Beauty Guide at Sephora

Sephora is a one-stop shop when it comes to fulfilling all of your beauty needs.  An added bonus that makes them a step above the rest: they have trained makeup artists that are eager to help you conquer your beauty woes from basic skincare needs to achieving a perfect winged eye liner.

We went to Sephora to test out their latest and greatest feature: The Digital Makeover Guide.  It’s a feature in the Sephora App that lets you take home your makeover experience, so you never forget those tips and tricks your artist showed you.  Your artist has the ability to not only scan all products used during your makeover but allows the Sephora team member to make detailed notes on how they used them to tailor each customer’s unique needs.

Here’s how it works: arrive with a fresh face or minimal makeup. You take a “before” selfie on their device that also allows you to pick from different looks, ranging from au naturale to super glam.

Once your goals are established, you are Color-IQed.  Sephora teamed with Pantone to create a handheld machine that takes three photos of your skin, averages the three photos together, and gives you a product consultant number.  That number is used to determine the best foundation that exactly matches your color.  After a skincare assessment, you are lightly prepped for your makeover.  Your artist will ask some basic questions (oily skin, acne prone, fine lines and wrinkles) to determine the best products to use.  Then, your artist carefully selects the products to ensure your experience is custom to your goals and skincare needs.  The best part is, you are part of the entire process. Your artist walks you through each product, what it does, and how it will benefit you.

The makeover process is very interactive and most of all FUN.  We opted for a “daytime” look. Our artist broke down everything she was doing, detailing the order of steps, and which tools she used.  The real beauty of the digital makeover guide is that you receive an email when you are done.  Your path to beauty is now literally at your fingertips.