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Legacy West's Guide To The Bonobos Guideshop

If you’re looking for a better way to buy a suit, check out this revolutionary approach designed for guys who aren’t necessarily big fans of shopping.  Bonobos has developed a retail experience that combines the efficiency of buying online with the personal touch that demands an in-person element.

Bonobos began with the mission to build better pants.  They developed a signature curved waistband that actually conforms to the natural shape of a man’s waist.  A trimmer, more flattering cut and the perfect medium rise are the finishing touches on a great fit.  Expanding that same approach to shirts and suits, now the largest clothing brand ever built on the web in the U.S. gives customers a place to touch and feel the fabric that will result in the perfect fit.

Legacy West’s Guideshop lets you test drive everything from polos to a tailored tuxedo.  A knowledgeable Guide will walk you through the entire Bonobos line and help you find your perfect fit.

A Guide will place your order, and it will be shipped directly to your home or office.  Walk out with your hands free.

Need to make a return or exchange?  A Guide will process your returns in-store and help with any size or fit questions, free of charge.