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Eat It All At Legacy Hall: Part One

Legacy West’s food hall has something for everyone.  If you have a group of people, all with different tastes, Legacy Hall is the perfect place to satisfy even the most specific dietary restrictions and the pickiest eaters.  On the other hand, for those who eat most everything, the hard part is knowing where to begin and where to end.  The challenge is clear: can you eat at every food stall, and if so, how long will it take to complete the experience?  Remember, it’s not a race.  Take your time to enjoy by following this systematic tasting guide.

You have to start somewhere.  Of course you can feel free to satisfy your whim of the moment as you take a virtual trip around the culinary world.  However if you’ve decided to try it all, here’s a suggestion to ensure you don’t miss anything.  Walk through the western entrance and go straight to the information desk on the other end of the room.  Consider this twelve o’clock.

You’re first stop is Tacos Patron.  Pollo Asado, Pastor Adobado, Carne Asada… why choose?  Try one of each of these traditional street tacos.

As you work your way clockwise you’ll find Roots Chicken Shak.  Especially if it’s your first visit, don’t pass up the duck-fat fried chicken wings.  Then if you’re looking for balance, try the kale salad with or without chicken on top.

With your third trip to the hall, you’re about to complete a whole quadrant of the first floor as you make your way to Shawarma Bar.  Whether it’s wrapped in a traditional Lebanese pita or placed on a bed of basmati rice, enjoy the 48-hour marinated and slow-roasted meats, and leave room for a side of falafel.

You’re turning the corner for your fourth trip around this virtual clock, so consider four-o’clock Enter The Bao.  The soft, puffy, warm, and slightly sweet baos are delicious with sweet and succulent char siu pork belly in the Dim Sum 2.0 and with a crispy vegetable fritter drizzled with tentsuyu sauce in the Buddha Bao.  After that you’ll still have room for K-Pop Brisket Fries smothered with kalbi braised brisket, caramelized kimchi aioli, and topped off with fresh cilantro.

If you’re doing this tour one day at a time, your fifth trip may be finishing off a workweek at Red Stix Yakitori & Banh Mi.  Whether in a Banh Mi sandwich or  a vermicelli bowl, enjoy yakitori-grilled meats seared to perfection and dipped in a top-secret sauce for an extra kick of flavor.

Next up brings you back next to the west side entrance off Windrose Avenue where you started this culinary marathon and where Degenhardt’s Brat Haus is ready to welcome you.  German-born sausage-maker Joshua Degenhardt offers mild, medium, and spicy variations on traditional bratwurst as well as a side of seasoned fries that come with Haus made curry sauce for dipping.

Congratulations!  You’ve completed the southern half of the first floor, but pace yourself.  The northern side of the room has more than twice as many stalls as this one, and our next guide will help you navigate the feast.




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