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Taverna Now Open

Taverna is a warm and inviting neighborhood restaurant that offers a truly Italian experience without having to leave Texas.  Their Italian chefs strive to create the perfect menu using seasonal ingredients for their surprising entrees; every day Taverna presents a variety of northern Italian delights from simple comforts such as pan-seared sea bass to delicate pasta and fabulous risotto.

Risotto is indeed Taverna’s flagship dish.  They only use Carnaroli rice – the “king of the rice;” thanks to its particular characteristics and firm texture the Carnaroli grain maintains its shape during the slow cooking required for a perfect and creamy risotto.  Taverna’s broad offering includes truffle oil and Parmigiano risotto, bay scallops with home made pesto, and an inspired Vin Santo risotto with asparagus and prosciutto.  

A taverna in Italy is a special place where customers become friends and family.  Here Taverna celebrates the essence of hospitality and farm-to-table cooking reflecting authentic Italian flavors in rustic and welcoming interiors.  

Whether you want to enjoy award winning brunch or just relax on the cozy patio, Taverna is the perfect place for you.