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Mayor LaRosiliere: Legacy West is the “Center of the Universe”

I call Legacy West the “Center of the Universe” because it forms the core of an area of dynamic development. Just think: at one intersection in Legacy West you will find the U.S. Headquarters of Toyota, JC Penney, and Frito-Lay, as well as the regional headquarters of FedEx Office. Within a mile radius of that intersection, you will find the homes of NTT Data, JP Morgan Chase, Liberty Mutual, Ericsson, Pizza Hut, Bank of America, Hilti, and Boeing. All told, you will find over 35,000 people working for iconic global companies. And all of this is happening in Plano, recently chosen by various media outlets, I am proud to say, as the best place to live in Texas, a top city in the U.S. to find a job and raise a family, and one of the ten safest cities in America. What more could you ask from the Center of the Universe?

What I most look forward to is the total experience of being at Legacy West. Each step and turn brings something new to enjoy; strolling through is a special experience of its own. If I head down Windrose Avenue, I will be tempted by the aromas of fine dining venues like Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House, Sprinkles, Shake Shack, True Food Kitchen, and Mesero. But I will be sure not to miss the sights and sounds: the beautiful water fountain, the gorgeous landscaping, and the liveliness of the people at the gathering places. If I am in a buying mood (or just want to window shop), I will be able to visit such varied retail sites as Pockets Menswear, Frontgate, West Elm, Warby Parker, Barnes & Noble, and many more. If I am in the mood for a unique eating experience, I will make my way to European-inspired Food Hall. I am truly looking forward to the overall experience of being there.



I am often asked about what my favorite place to eat lunch at Legacy West is going to be. This is like asking me to pick my favorite child. With so many options, I fully expect to have a new favorite every day. I know I will not be able to resist trying out all the different sit-down dining venues, and the chef-prepared entrees being prepared in the food hall sound too good to pass up.

I am most excited about all the special memories that will be created in Legacy West. Couples will get engaged there, our kids will celebrate prom there, and old married folks like me will celebrate wedding anniversaries there. These are just a few of the community events that happen every day in Plano, but now there will be an exciting new place for them to happen. Even better, because of the open space created in the project design, many of the special memories can be based, year-round, on outdoor activities that will enhance the quality of life of our citizens.

What makes Legacy West special and unique is the attention to detail by the Legacy West team in creating and executing plans for the development. The team gave this 240-acre park the same devotion and care they would have given if building their own homes. They have created a stunning home for all Plano citizens that will be a dynamic part of our thriving community.

Legacy West is not just about dining and shopping. It is about quality of life for our community. It is about comfort and enjoyment. It is about bringing people together for a shared experience. When you consider that experience in light of all the companies and people that will participate in it, you have a shopping center different from any other.

“Legacy West is not just about dining and shopping. It is about quality of life for our community”

The reality is that anyone can build a shopping center. Only Fehmi Karahan can develop a Legacy West. He is the secret sauce. When you combine his magic touch with the vibrancy of Plano—the City of Excellence—Legacy West is a one-of-a-kind destination location.

Editor’s Note: Harry A. LaRosiliere is Mayor of the City of Plano


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