A blossoming family friendly neighborhood. A booming economy. Ranked one of the best places to live. Plano.

It’s no coincidence that the city of Plano is consistently listed as one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Located 22 miles north of downtown Dallas, Plano is a vibrant, blossoming, thriving community home to young families and booming businesses alike. At Legacy West, we are thrilled to be part of the “City of the Future.”

We are not alone when we say we love Plano. So many wonderful reasons why you’ll love it too. Dubbed “The City of the Future”, this is where you want to be. See what everyone is saying.

Plano has boldly embraced our identity as a premiere, diverse and inclusive world-class city that comfortably competes on the global stage for any business, family or individual looking for a place to call home. Because of our economic development activity, Plano and North Texas thrives as the place for opportunity. We are a place for everyone to dream. Through job creation and an environment that fosters business growth, prosperity becomes a reality. Plano is the City of the Future and will eagerly welcome new businesses, amenities and people. Plano awaits you with open arms!

– Mayor Harry A. LaRosiliere, City of Plano